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Tarsnap mailing lists

There are several Tarsnap-related mailing lists managed using Daniel Bernstein's ezmlm mailing list manager:

  • tarsnap-announce@tarsnap.com: Important announcements. [subscribe] [unsubscribe] [archives]
    • Announcements of new versions of Tarsnap client code.
    • Announcements of changes to the Tarsnap service.
    • This is a low volume moderated list, not a discussion list.
  • tarsnap-users@tarsnap.com: Discussion about using Tarsnap. [subscribe] [unsubscribe] [archives]
    • Discussion about using Tarsnap in obscure environments.
    • Discussion about using shell scripts to make Tarsnap do interesting things.
    • Discussion about how to do XYZ using Tarsnap.
  • tarsnap-alphatest@tarsnap.com: Early access to pre-release versions of Tarsnap. [subscribe] [unsubscribe] [archives]
    • Upcoming versions of the Tarsnap client code will be posted here so that adventurous users can test them and point out any problems before they are officially released.
  • scrypt@tarsnap.com: Discussion of the scrypt key derivation function. [subscribe] [unsubscribe] [archives]
    • Porting scrypt to obscure platforms.
    • Applications (other than Tarsnap) which use scrypt.
    • Cryptographic results concerning key derivation.
  • kivaloo@tarsnap.com: Discussion of the kivaloo data store. [subscribe] [unsubscribe] [archives]
  • spiped@tarsnap.com: Discussion of the spiped secure pipe daemon. [subscribe] [unsubscribe] [archives]