Tarsnap - Online backups for the truly paranoid

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Patrick Collison
Stripe has been a happy Tarsnap customer for several years. It's robust and thoughtfully designed, Colin has provided great support, and "backups for the truly paranoid" is a pitch that very much resonates with us.
Patrick Collison, Stripe co-founder
Robert Morris
Tarsnap is the most cleanly designed and convenient of the many UNIX backup schemes I've tried.
Robert Morris, Professor, MIT CSAIL
Patrick McKenzie
Tarsnap is the world's best secure online backup service... I use it extensively in my company, recommend it to clients doing Serious Business (TM) all the time, and love seeing it successful.
Patrick McKenzie (patio11), CEO, Starfighter
Nate Lawson
Tarsnap takes security and availability seriously, and it shows. It’s the only remote backup service I recommend.
Nate Lawson, Founder, SourceDNA
Tarsnap Mastery book
Tarsnap, the secure online backup service for Unix-like systems, raised the bar for online backups. It's inexpensive. It's reliable. And you don't need to trust the Tarsnap service — they can't access your backups even if they wanted to.
Michael W. Lucas, author of Tarsnap Mastery
Thomas Ptacek
Tarsnap is the only cryptographically secure backup solution I've ever recommended. It's what I trust my own data with.
Thomas Ptacek, Principal, Starfighter
Pebble Smartwatch
We use tarsnap to back-up much of Pebble's internal infrastructure. The simple command line client, rock solid security and reliability, and incremental backup feature make it a breeze to set-up a daily backup on a cron job and forget about it.
François Baldassari, Software @ Pebble